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Microsoft Frontpage

Information provided by Jeff Muscato. Thanks much.

  1. Insert a new image where you want the counter ("Insert | Image" or click the toolbar icon).
  2. Choose the "Other Location" tab of the dialog box, and click the radio button for "From Location."
  3. Type in the URL for your counter, including any special controls you want regarding how your counter will look. Click "OK".
  4. Right click the counter image (if you're offline, it will give an "image not available" generic icon) and choose "Image Properties."
  5. Type a text description for the counter to display while the image is loading (something short, since the counter image won't be very big and anything longer than a few characters will be cut off by the border of the image -- I recommend the date it was started in the MM/DD/YY format).
  6. Click the "Appearance" tab of the dialog box, and make sure "Specify Size" is not selected -- if it is, Frontpage will specify the size as however big the counter image currently is. When the counter gains a digit, browsers will try to squeeze it all into the same size space and it will not look right.