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WebCounter System Feedback

If you are having problems using your counter, please make sure you read all the online documentation including the FAQ Page, the Usage Page, and the Troubleshooting Page.

NOTE: Support personnel will refer you to these pages if the answer to your questions can be found there.


If, after reading the documentation carefully, you still have questions that need responses from support personnel, submit them using our support form.

NOTE: We will send the message back if it does not contain the following:

  • the name of the counter in question (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • the complete HTML IMG entry from your web page from the <IMG to the closing >. if possible, please cut and paste this from your HTML file directly into your mail message instead of retyping it. (VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • a description of the specific error you are having. Details please. What is the system returning? What does your page look like?
  • the full URL of the page which contains the counter
  • your flavor and version of web-browser and details about your operating environment: type of PC, operating system type (Mac 7.0, Windows, 95, NT), etc.

Many folks ask us to surf their pages to diagnose problems. Please understand that although we might like to, we just do not have the time to do this. If you can provide us with the information listed above, we should be able to determine the problem without having to visit your page.

NOTE: Due to the volume of messages, we unfortunately cannot respond to each and every message as fast as we would like. Please be patient with us.