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Web Counter Advertising

Interested parties can get additional information by submitting our support form. Please consult our Help Pages for assistance.

We have several types of banner ad programs available. You may choose to be placed on particular web pages or featured one or more web pages. All ads placed with us will be hyperlinked to your web site except those listed free of charge in our site for reference.

If you have more than one banner ad in a package, then there will also be a summary report which reports the cumulative Inserts, Ads-Served, and Clicks for all advertisements in a package. If you have more than one package, there will be a summary for each package. The report columns have the same meaning in the summaries as they do in the individual reports.

The numbers produced by our advertising system are 100% exact. Every transaction is logged by the server as it happens. We do not use Web Counters to track the usage of our ads or pages since they can get overloaded during busy periods.