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  • Report Description

Description of WebCounter Advertising Reports

Report Columns

Number of times the HTML code for your ad (including IMG entry, ALT text, etc.) was inserted into one of our html pages.
Insert pct.
Ratio between the contracted rate and the actual insertions. This should usually be more than 100% except during off periods such as weekends or holidays. If this number is 230% then you got 2.3 times as many insertions as you contracted for.
Number of times your ad image was transfered/downloaded by a client's Web browser. This is different from (usually less than) inserts because ads are cached and some users choose to not run with images downloaded by default.

This can, on occasion, be a larger number than the inserts because someone may have gotten the insert at 2359 in the previous day (seen in yesterday's logs) while our Web server served your add at 0001 today. In addition, if someone presses reload or otherwise makes another request for your ad-image, this raises the ads-served numbers as well.

Note: If this number is consistently and exactly 100%, it means that the ads are being served remotely (that is, they are not stored on our machine), and so we have no way of knowing how many actual downloads are served.
Served pct.
The ratio between the number of Inserts and the number of Ads-Served. This gives you an idea of how many people had your ad in their cache or are not displaying images at all.
Number of times people clicked on your banner and were transfered to your site.
Click pct.
Ratio between how many times your image was served (Ads-Served) and how many times people clicked on your ad. If this number is 3.7%, then an average of 3.7 people out of 100 clicked on your ad.
The bar graphs show the absolute number of clicks (in red), the number of ads served (in green), and the number of ads inserted (in black) in an overlain fashion (that is, the right edge of any colored bar is equal to the numeric value of that field).

Note: The scale of the graphs is different for the summary and for each ad in a package. That is, a one inch bar in one ad may represent 10,000 in the summary, but only 500 in an ad (but the scale is the same for all bars in a single chart).

Summary Report

If you have more than one ad in a package, then there will also be a summary report which reports the cumulative Inserts, Ads-Served, and Clicks for all advertisements in a package. If you have more than one package, there will be a summary for each package. The report columns have the same meaning in the summaries as they do in the individual reports.

Additional Notes

The numbers produced by our advertising system are 100% exact. Every transaction is logged by the server as it happens. We do not use WebCounters to track the usage of our ads or pages since they can get overloaded during busy periods.