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GNN Press Web-Page Editor

Information provided by Robert Villegas. Thanks Robert.

  • Follow the instructions on the Create Page and follow the instructions to create your counter.
  • Write down carefully the resulting HTML string. You are interested in specifically the SRC= section in quotes.
  • Edit your web-page with the program.
  • Under the menu item called "Element", choose the "Image" option.
  • You now enter your counter HTML SRC section after removing the quotes.
      <a href="https://www.digits.net" target="_blank">
        <img src="https://counter.digits.net/?counter=name&template=template" 
         alt="Hit Counter by Digits" border="0"  />
    Note: The name in the above HTML code should be replaced with the name of the counter that you have created.
  • Make sure you indicate that you want to "Import Image" in the little check off box.