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WebCounter System Policies

We apologize for the necessity of the following policies concerning the use of the counters. We have been finding more and more groups who seem to be deviating from what we think is "fair use". This restricts our ability of providing the services to everyone on the Net.

  1. You are allowed one (1) counter per html document. No more. Multiple instances (to show your count in english or another language for instance) of the same counter is also not allowed.
  2. You are allowed three (3) counters per site. A site is defined as the web-pages for an individual organization or company. Systems which serve the web-pages for a number of separate organizations can still have three for each organization they serve.
  3. A counter is designed to count the accesses to one html document -- no more. A counter cannot be referenced on more than one (1) html document. For instance, you cannot use the same counter to count the total accesses on a number of pages. An exception is made for sites with mirror locations -- i.e. with the same html document in different locations. Exceptions are also made when you have two formats of the same page -- frame or non-frame for instance. The same counter can appear in each instance of the page.
  4. Any automatic measures taken to artificially increment the value of a counter is expressly forbidden. This includes placing a counter on a page that users are encouraged to reload.
  5. You should give credit and provide a backlink to the Web Counter somewhere on any page where a counter resides. For those sites getting more than 1000 page views/day, you should also display our logo. For further information and instructions, please see the Thumbnail Page.

Definition of Adult Material

Counters should be designated as containing adult material when they contain content that would not be appropriate to show to a any child or teenager under the age of 18. This includes the display of any of the following: female chest, male or female buttock or groin, or a sexual act. Adult material should also be indicated for pages which contain prominent discussions about sex, excessive violence, or addictive substances. In addition, pages which showcase links to such adult material are in turn considered adult in nature.

Please try to understand that although your personal, local, regional, or even national norms as to the definition of adult content may deviate (sometimes significantly) from the above, we are living in a global society here on the Net and must make some attempt to respect the social norms of every user of this media. The WebCounter staff is not trying to censor information, rather we are attempting to make the counter more friendly to families and web-surfers of all ages.

Please note that we reserve the rights to classify any page as containing adult material and to modify the Top-10 lists to reflect this status.